Boston Housing Court Data Report

I’m pleased to share the work of some of our partners in the homelessness prevention world.  Project Hope, HomeStart, and Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative have recently released their Boston Housing Court Data Report. This report contains data about all cases filed in Boston Housing Court in 2014, including:

  • Percentage of cases resulting in eviction
  • Median amount of rent owed
  • Comparisons between subsidized and market-rate tenants
  • Comparisons between different types of property owners
  • Impact of legal representation and repayment agreements
  • Comparisons by neighborhood
  • Impact of eviction prevention programs (HomeStart’s Court Intervention Project, Project Hope’s eviction prevention program in the Dudley Street neighborhood, and MBHP’s RAFT program)

The report is a great companion to the RHN Statewide RAFT report and can be found here: 2014-housing-court-report  You can also access a summary of the report here: 2014-housing-court-report-summary


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