Regional Agency Reports Fiscal Year 2017

In addition to the statewide report, we have once again prepared an insert for 10 of the 11 administering agencies with a breakout of regional-specific information.  Here are the links to each of the regional reports as well as a link to the in-depth report that Metro Housing Boston did on the RAFT program in their region:


Fiscal Year 2017 RHN Statewide RAFT Report

family photoLast year, we got a great response to the RHN RAFT report for Fiscal Year 2016; such a great response, in fact, that we knew that we had to do it again for Fiscal Year 2017.  I am please to announce the release of RHN RAFT statewide report for Fiscal Year 2017.  Once again, all 11 administering agencies collaborated to share data and produce the report.  Similar to last year, we found striking cost savings for every family that avoided homelessness through the RAFT program in terms of shelter costs alone.  To see more about the great work that has taken place over the year through the RAFT program, please see the Fiscal Year 2017 RAFT report at Fiscal Year 2017 RHN RAFT statewide report.

Check out our Regional Agency Reports Fiscal Year 2017 post to find all of the regional reports as well.


Spare Change News Coverage of RAFT

We thought we’d share the coverage of the RAFT Program by Spare Change News.

For those of you unfamiliar with Spare Change News, it is a publication of the Homeless Empowerment Project that is distributed by vendors who are currently or formerly homeless, for whom it serves as a source of income.  As they note, most of their content is locally produced “with much of it written, drawn or photographed by currently or formerly homeless, or otherwise low-income individuals”.  It was great to see attention paid to this resource.  Check out Abby Geluso’s article at this link: Spare Change News RAFT Program January 2017