New! RHN Statewide RAFT Report for FY 2018

RAFT FamilyThe RHN members have once again collaborated with their partner agencies and produced a statewide report on the RAFT program in Fiscal Year 2018.  FY 18 brought some changes from past years; there was an increase in funding and an increase in funds available for households meeting the expanded eligibility criteria. One thing that hasn’t changed… the need for cost-effective strategies to prevent homelessness like RAFT.

Take a look at our statewide and regional reports to learn more about the families who were assisted and the circumstances they were facing.  Similar to last year, we found striking cost savings for every family that avoided homelessness through the RAFT program in terms of shelter costs alone.  To see more about the great work that has taken place over the year through the RAFT program, please see the Fiscal Year 2018 RAFT report at  RHN_RAFT_Statewide Report_FY 18.

Check out our Tell me more about MY region… Regional Agency Reports post to find all of the Fiscal Year 2018 regional reports as well.



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